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Joe Wright


Joe Wright is based in the United Kingdom and covers industry news here at AppAdvice. Contact: joe [at] appadvice [dot] com.
Latest from Joe

Stop Wasting Cellular Data on iPhone With These Tips

Get the most out of your data plan.

Op-Ed: The Day in Review - Apple's iPhone 7 Event

What did we think of Apple's iPhone event?

Stop Texting Photos and Videos

Apple's iOS Makes it easy for users to share photos and videos. How, you ask? Well, using iCloud Photo Sharing, of course!

Sprint Unveils 'Unlimited Freedom Premium' With HD Video Streaming

Sprint has made an important change to its Unlimited Freedom offering.

Lady GaGa's New Album Won't Be an Apple Music Exclusive

Apple Music exclusives could be coming to an end. Kind of.

Apple Music Festival Lineup Announced: Elton John, Michael Bublé, Bastille and More

These 10 acts are going to be performing at the Apple Music Festival in London this year.

Australian Retailers Want Banks to Negotiate With Apple, Too

The Australian banks are picking up support.

Tim Cook Reaches His 5th Year as CEO, Receives $100+ Million Bonus

Tim Cook is receiving more than $100 million in previously-awarded shares.

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm Is in Development

Oceanhorn's sequel is in development and should be launching soon.

In 2017, Expect 3 New iPhones - and One Curved OLED Model

Apple could bring its long-awaited OLED iPhone to the market next year.

Apple Annapolis Reopens as a Next-Generation Store

Take a look at Apple's latest next-generation store.

Frank Ocean's 'Blonde' Album Launches Exclusively on Apple Music

Apple Music has scored another exclusive, this time from Frank Ocean.

Gene Munster Thinks Apple Could Join Forces With BMW for Apple Car

Apple and BMW could be the first sign we see of the eventual "Apple Car."

Lyft Is Seeking a Buyer, but Apple, Uber, GM and Others Aren't Interested

Lyft isn't profitable and is seeking a buyer, according to a new report.

Steve Jobs Inducted Into International Photography Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is celebrating Jobs' invaluable contribution to the world of photography.

Apple Is Now Accepting Donations for Louisiana Flood Relief

Apple is supporting victims of the Louisiana flooding by adding a donations button to its iTunes Store and App Store.

Apple Joins Forces With AT&T, Google and More to Combat 'Robocalls'

The crossfire of Apple, Google, and more is aimed at robocalls.

Levitating Anti-Gravity Apple Watch Charger Hits Kickstarter

LIFT is an Apple Watch charger with a difference.

WaterField Designs Launches Travel Wallet for iPhone 7 on Kickstarter

WaterField Designs has taken to Kickstarter to launch its latest product.

Taiwan-Based Suppliers Are Resisting Apple's Discount Demands

Apple is using the threat of cheaper Chinese labor to bring about comparable quotes from Taiwanese suppliers.

Australia's 3 Biggest Banks Want Their Own Wallets on iOS

This isn't something I can see happening.