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Tommy Ly

Self-proclaimed iPhoneographer/popcorn enthusiast/accessory guru. Movies, bikes, and iDevices sum up my interests. Email: [email protected]
Latest from Tommy

Is Production Of The Next iPhone Already Underway?

Rumors regarding the next iPhone have seemed to be calming down lately, but could that be because Apple's next handset is already in production?

Amazing Alex Coming To Windows Phone, Mac And PC - Will Cross-Platform Releases Become A Trend In Mobile Gaming?

Amazing Alex has already made his way to the top of the App Store, but now he may have even bigger things in mind.

Now Is Your Chance To Be An Extra In The Steve Jobs Biopic!

The Steve Jobs biopic, starring Ashton Kutcher, is still in production, but needs your help! If you've got the right looks, the production company is seeking extras to film this week in Pasadena, California.

Dexter The Game 2 Coming To iOS This Fall

Showtime's "Dexter" stalked his way onto iOS in 2010 and is coming back this fall in another game that's to die for.

SecureTips Keep Apple's Earphones In Your Ears

Apple's earphones either work well for you, or not at all. With SecureTips, the iconic white earphones will work out for everybody.

Jay And Silent Bob Have A New Hangout: Your iDevice

These burnouts have gone from hanging out in front of the local convenience store to wreaking havoc and showing off dance moves on your iDevice in these two new titles from Ice Cap Games.

Picosteady Is A Portable Video Stabilizer For Your iPhone

Tired of the jittery videos on your iPhone? This Kickstarter project will make your shots as smooth as butter.

Metal Slug 3 Blasts Its Way Into The App Store - Brings New Features And Intense Nostalgia

SNK Playmore comes out of the blue with this iOS port of a classic arcade shooter. Don't worry, there are some new features thrown in as well.

Angry Birds Are Headed To Consoles - Trilogy To Feature Enhanced Graphics And Other Extras

If you thought Angry Birds was just about everywhere already, think again.

Will The iPad mini Be The Thinnest iPad Yet?

Some purported images of an iPad mini design sample have surfaced and show new features that point to a refreshed design.

Does The Spike Case Push Your Buttons?

The iPhone's virtual keyboard may be one of the best around, but if you still long for some physical buttons, check out the Spike case on Kickstarter.

Apple Cracking Down On Websites Selling Unauthorized iOS Beta Access

If you want to play Apple's game, you need to play by their rules. Apple is shutting down sites for back-alley iOS beta distribution.

Figure v1.1 Lets You Do More With Your Music

This fun-to-use studio synth app just received its first update that allows you to tweak, save, and share your musical creations.

Timbuk2's New Bags Will Keep Your Device Charged And Protected While On The Go

Packed your bag, but forgot your iDevice's charger? Don't worry, these new bags from Timbuk2 have the chargers built-in.

Fruit Ninja v1.8.1 Brings Some New Swag For You To Use On Your Fruit-Slicing Mission

After two years in the App Store, Fruit Ninja is still receiving updates.

Check Out This Adorable Teaser Trailer For The Tiny Wings Sequel

Tiny Wings soared into a special spot in our hearts last year and it's almost time for the sequel to earn its wings.

GameDock Turns Your iDevice Into A Retro Gaming Console

First, the iCade gave you a new way to play retro games on your iDevice. Now, this Kickstarter project takes iOS gaming to a whole new level.

Layout Lets You Lay Out A Story With Your Photos

Like the popular photo-framic app, Diptic, Layout gives you a beautiful way to combine your photos, but does this app bring anything new to the table?

The iMpulse Controller Is The Little Bluetooth Accessory That Could

Think of the iMpulse is a practical accessory that acts as an iOS gaming controller with another great feature tucked in its sleeve.

Max Payne Mobile v1.1 Brings The Pain To iCloud

Rockstar Games' gritty iOS port of an old PC classic has just received an update that brings some welcome features to a game that's from a different generation of gaming.

Take iOS Gaming To The Next Level With iCade Mobile

Gaming on the iPhone's Retina display is great, but not when your fingers are getting in the way of that beautiful screen. The iCade Mobile will let you see the goods, while providing a more natural feel to iOS gaming.

Don't Miss This Massive Fourth Of July Game Sale

In cheap games we trust. Electronic Arts, Capcom, Firemint, and Warner Bros. have slashed the prices on some of their biggest iOS titles.

Straighten Yourself Out With LUMOback

Don't be a slouch with the LUMOback. This Kickstarter project will literally watch your back to improve your posture over time.

Jailbreak Only: Chromizer Brings Added Functionality To Chrome On iOS

Chromizer brings fullscreen support, Pull to Refresh, and improved tab switching to Chrome on iOS.