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angry birds

Today’s Apps Gone Free: Angry Birds, NodeBeat, Loan Calculator and More

Today’s AppsGoneFree list includes a puzzle game, a music app, and a calculator.

Rovio updates Angry Birds Seasons and Friends in time for Valentine's Day

Rovio is getting in the spirit of Valentine’s Day with new “lovely” content for two of its Angry Birds games.

Have a merry popping Christmas with Rovio's Angry Birds Pop bubble shooter

Angry Birds Pop has gained special content for the holiday season.

'Ski or Squeal' in Angry Birds Seasons' new Advent calendar episode

’Tis the season once again … for the rollout of the Advent calendar episode of Angry Birds Seasons.

Fling even more avian destruction in Angry Birds 2

The long-awaited sequel is here, but is it all that it's cracked up to be?

Angry Birds 2 slingshots to the App Store on July 30

The long-awaited sequel to the hit game title has been announced.

Go and get spaced out with these updated Angry Birds games

Rovio has recently slung notable updates into a handful of games in its prevailing and ever expanding Angry Birds franchise.

The Angry Birds continue their fight for worldwide domination

Along with a new game, the flying fowl are even invading Sonic Dash for a limited time.

Rovio officially announces new Angry Birds Fight! match-three battle game

Angry Birds Fight! is touted by Rovio as the “very first cultural mash-up” in the Angry Birds series.

Is the Angry Birds phenomenon really over?

Developer Rovio recorded a substantial drop in revenue and profits during 2014.

Rovio flings new content into Angry Birds Friends and Angry Birds Space

Rovio has just introduced new content to two of the titles based on its Angry Birds physics-based puzzle game.

Rovio rolls out first update to Angry Birds Transformers featuring 'Deceptihogs Revenge'

Rovio has just rolled out the first update to Angry Birds Transformers.

Rovio updates Angry Birds Epic, Go! and Stella with holiday content and more

Rovio has just released notable updates to three of the latest titles in its hugely popular Angry Birds franchise.

This season, Rovio presents three holiday tournaments in Angry Birds Friends

In celebration of the holiday season, Angry Birds Friends is letting you compete in not one, not two, but three holiday-themed tournaments.

Rovio celebrates Angry Birds' 5th BirdDay with new levels inspired by fan art

Today is the fifth anniversary, or rather, “BirdDay” of Rovio’s original bird-flinging and pig-popping physics-based puzzle game.

Angry Birds Star Wars II updated with new 'Revenge of the Pork' chapter

The Force is strong with this new update from Rovio.

Celebrate the holiday season 'On Finn Ice' with Rovio's Angry Birds Seasons

“The holidays are a time when families get together, and the birds are no exception.”

Apple's GarageBand, Angry Birds, Clear and more go (RED) in fight against AIDS

Apple has rounded up a number of apps and games for the first-ever global App Store initiative in support of (RED).

Rovio updates Angry Birds Go! kart racing game with 3-on-3 team multiplayer feature

Rovio has just updated Angry Birds Go! with an enhancement to the game's multiplayer mode.

Rovio updates Angry Birds Friends with new Halloween tournament and global league

Rovio has just issued a major update to Angry Birds Friends.

Rovio rolls out Angry Birds Transformers on iOS worldwide

Rovio has officially rolled out Angry Birds Transformers on the App Store around the world.

Go pig or go home in the new NBA Ham Dunk episode of Rovio's Angry Birds Seasons

Rovio has just updated Angry Birds Seasons with a new NBA-themed episode.

Rovio reveals stellar voice cast for upcoming animated movie based on Angry Birds

Rovio has revealed the voice cast of the upcoming animated movie based on Angry Birds.

Check out the official gameplay trailer for Rovio's Angry Birds Transformers

Rovio has released a new trailer for the highly anticipated Angry Birds and Transformers mash-up game.