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And So The Apple-Proview iPad Trademark Dispute Continues

Since February, a Chinese company called Proview has been at war with Apple regarding the Cupertino, CA company's use of the worldwide "iPad" trademark. Now, we're hearing that a Chinese court has postponed ruling on the case until the two companies have completed court-sponsored mediation, according to Apple Insider.

Joe White

Apple Scores iPad Trademark Victory ... In California

A California judge yesterday threw out Proview Electronics Co.’s lawsuit against Apple over the iPad trademark in China. The lawsuit, which Proview filed in February, alleges that the technology giant engaged in deceptive practices when it acquired the iPad name in 2009.

Chinese Official: Apple Doesn’t Own iPad Trademark

A senior Chinese official with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) said today that Proview Technology, not Apple owned the “iPad” trademark. The comment suggests Apple could actually lose the use of the iPad name in the world’s most populous nation.

Bryan M. Wolfe

Apple's Secrecy Could Cost It Billions

Apple’s well-known secrecy could eventually cost the company billions of dollars or at least some public discomfort, according to several legal experts. At issue is whether Apple’s “unusual methods” in acquiring the iPad trademark was legal, according to Reuters.

Bryan M. Wolfe

Apple Sued In US Over iPad Trademark

Proview Electronics Co., a unit of Proview International Holdings, the Chinese company that originally owned the “iPad” trademark in China is now suing the tech giant in the United States. They plan on seeking $2 billion in compensation.

Bryan M. Wolfe

Following Trademark Dispute, iPads Disappear From Store Shelves In China

For some time now, Apple has been involved in a dispute regarding its use of the "iPad" name in China. Now, as the dispute escalates, Chinese authorities in at least one city have started seizing iPads, prompting retail store owners to hide their iPad stock in back rooms and sell the device secretly to avoid gaining unwanted attention.

Joe White

Apple Might Be Sued Over "I-Pad" Name

Who owns the name “iPad?” Apparently one Taiwanese monitor manufacturer believes it does and wants Apple to pay. Proview is threatening to sue the Cupertino, California-based company for $1.5 billion. Read more...

Bryan M. Wolfe