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Travel Apps

Make your way around Los Angeles with the Go LA app

Traveling around the City of Angels has never been easier thanks to this new app.

Apple expands Flyover and other Maps features to new locations

Apple has just gone live with another round of coverage expansion for some of the key features of its Maps service.

In the right direction: Apple further expands coverage of Maps features

Apple has further expanded the coverage of some of the key functions of its Maps software.

Google Maps makes your holiday travels easier with offline maps and more

Google has just updated the official iOS app of its popular Maps service to help users get around better this holiday season and beyond.

Foursquare now lets you spend your coins in Swarm

You know those coins that you’ve been collecting in Swarm by Foursquare? Well, you can finally spend them on something.

Chimani national park apps now have points, badges and more

With fresh features and new park guides, this app collection now has even more to offer visitors.

Zomato for iOS now lets you create theme-based restaurant collections

Zomato 9.0 most notably introduces a new tabbed navigation layout.

Apple Maps takes the lead over Google Maps on iOS

What used to be a laughingstock is now having the last laugh.

Google Maps for iOS makes way for more improvements

Google has once again updated the official iOS app of its mapping service with new features and improvements.

Hey, let's go somewhere nice with HeyLets 2.0 for iPhone

If you’re looking to be out and about in your city, or traveling soon to a different one, be sure to check out HeyLets 2.0.

Packing Pro gets into the cloud in a new update

This useful travel planning tool just got even more powerful.

Foursquare now lets you check in from your wrist with Swarm for Apple Watch

As you might expect, Swarm for Apple Watch lets you easily check in to places.

TripAdvisor versus Kayak: travel apps go head to head

In this latest App Smackdown, we look at travel apps TripAdvisor and Kayak. Who will be left standing?

Foursquare checks in with new features for iPhone and Apple Watch

Foursquare has just updated its official city guide app for iOS with new features — some of which you can enjoy on your palm, others on your wrist.

AOL updates MapQuest to make getting to points of interest and favorite places quicker and easier

The latest update to MapQuest introduces a new tab-based layout that makes for quicker access to the app’s key functionalities.

TripAdvisor acquires startup behind popular automated travel journal app Rove

Rove is an iPhone app that functions as an automated private journal.

Save money with the bunny: Hopper tells you the best time to fly and buy

Hopper is like an all-knowing, pocket-sized, bunny-themed travel agent.

You can now book smart cars and see your upcoming events right within Transit App

In the new version of Transit App, you can now see the available Car2go smart cars on the map and quickly book the nearest one.

Apple's Flyover 3-D view feature in Maps expands to more locations

Apple has once again expanded the Flyover feature of its Maps software to a number of additional locations.

Interactive location guide History Here goes 3.0 with new design and new features

The most notable addition in the new version of History Here is a new feature called Tours.

Travel buddies: Expedia acquires Travelocity for $280 million

The deal effectively cements an agreement reached by the two travel sites in 2013.

AOL updates MapQuest for iOS with new information-driven features

MapQuest has been updated to provide you with more information as you hit the road or plan your next adventure.